This last week saw SIGGRAPH 2010 in Los Angeles, sunny California. It was there that I gave my first talk at a real conference. One request that I had not anticipated was for the slides from the talk, and so I post them here now.

Pending some red tape resolution, I hope to post the live-working demos soon. Until then, I hope that this video from the original conference submission will whet your appetite!

For those particularly curious, feel free to contact me or refer to the abstract.

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4 Responses to “WebGLot – High Performance Visualization in the Browser”

  1. Ismail Hameduddin says:


    I work in nonlinear systems and control and this looks very intriguing. Dynamicists love visualization techniques and I am wondering of maybe extending this to certain aspects of nonautonomous systems as well.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Colin says:

    It just hit me how awesome it will be to have these kind of graphics in a browser!

  3. Ian Romanick says:

    I saw your presentation at SIGGRAPH, and I was really impressed. I have spent this entire year rewriting the GLSL compiler in Mesa (used by many open source driver), and I’m really anxious to try WebGLot on the new compiler. As far as I’m aware, this one of the very, very few “real” WebGL applications. We’d love to have it in our test suite. :)

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